Des projets

Projet Emplacement
Le Musée palestinien Bir Zeit - Ramallah
Hôpital Istishari arabe Ramallah
quartiers résidentiels Al Reehan Ramallah
Hospitality Presedential Palais Ramallah
Beit Jala société pharmaceutique Beit Jala
Bir Zeit Mall Bir Zeit - Ramallah
Siège Jawwal Ramallah
Jordan banque commerciale Ramallah
banque arab Beit Jala
Palestine banque d'investissement Ramallah
Palestine Banque islamique Hebron
Association du Barreau palestinien Ramallah
banque arab - hebron Hebron
société pharmaceutique Birzeit Ramallah
Hôpital Shepherds Champ Beit Sahur
Ramallah municipalité Ramallah
Université arabo-américaine Jenin
Palestine Banque d'investissement Hebron
Université de Bethléem Bethlehem
Université Alquds Abu Dis
Université Bir Zeit Bir Zeit - Ramallah
usine Izhiman Café Ramallah
Rawabi Ville Ramallah
Palestine commerce Banque Bethlehem
Jérusalem produits pharmaceutiques Société Ramallah
Centre des besoins spéciaux Eizarieh
la société Dar Al Shifaa Ramallah
Diplomatiques Quartier Bâtiments Ramallah
Centre Al Hayat Ramallah
Femme Droite Centre Famille et Beit Sahur
société Bethlehem plastique Bethlehem
Banque commerciale Palestine Hebron
Ministère des écoles Education Palestine
écoles du UNDP Palestine
Siège de sécurité palestinienne Palestine
Les projets financés par la Banque de développement KfW Gaza
hôpital Dar Al Shifaa Gaza
Projets en Jordanie  
Hôpital royal Amman
AL-Kabous usine Mowaqqar
Ghor Al école de Mazraa Aghwar
Les écoles de diamant Développé Amman
Petra Lune Hôtel Petra
Groupe Telemedia arabe Amman
écoles internationales Kafaa Amman
Sama usine d'eau minérale naturelle Amman
société d'investissement Casablanca Amman
Al Hana usine Amman
Al Dibbs composé résidentiel Amman
Jordan Université de Science et Technologie Irbid
Berouni Building - Al-Balqa université appliquée Zarqa
groupe Armada Amman
investisseur Hôtel Airport Road
laboratoires d'élevage Amman
Hôpital gouvernemental Jarash Jarash
Rehab Station de production de l'électricité Mafraq
Al Zowadeh restaurant Fhais
Fuad Zatar composé Al aqaba
Rufaida école Ramtha
société Jordan Ascenseurs Amman



List of Projects



The Palestinian Museum  Bir Zeit - Ramallah
Istishari Arab Hospital  Ramallah
Al Reehan residential neighborhoods Ramallah
Hospitality Presedential Palace  Ramallah
Beit Jala pharmaceutical company Beit Jala
Bir Zeit Mall  Bir Zeit - Ramallah
Jawwal Headquarters Ramallah
Jordan Commercial Bank  Ramallah
Arab Bank  Beit Jala
Palestine Investment Bank  Ramallah
Palestine Islamic Bank Hebron
Palestinian Bar Association  Ramallah
Arab Bank - Hebron Hebron
Birzeit Pharmaceutical Company  Ramallah
Shepherds Field  Hospital   Beit Sahur
Ramallah Municipality  Ramallah
Arab American University Jenin
Palestine Investment Bank Hebron
Bethlehem University  Bethlehem
Alquds University Abu Dis
Bir Zeit University Bir Zeit - Ramallah
Izhiman Coffee factory  Ramallah
Rawabi City  Ramallah
Palestine Trade Bank Bethlehem
Jerusalem Pharmaceuticals Company  Ramallah
Special Needs center Eizarieh
Dar Al Shifaa Society Ramallah
Diplomatic Neighbourhood Buildings  Ramallah
Al Hayat Center Ramallah
Family and Woman Right Center  Beit Sahur
Bethlehem Plastic company  Bethlehem
Palestine Commercial Bank Hebron
Ministery of Education schools Palestine
UNDP schools Palestine
Palestinian Security  Headquarters Palestine
Projects funded by KfW Development Bank Gaza
Dar Al Shifaa Hospital Gaza
Projects In Jordan  
Royal Hospital Amman
AL-Kabous Factory Mowaqqar
Ghor Al mzraa school Aghwar
The Developed Diamond Schools Amman
Petra Moon Hotel Petra
Arab Telemedia Group Amman
Kafaa International Schools Amman
Sama natural mineral water factory Amman
Casablanca Investment Company Amman
Al Hana Factory Amman
Al Dibbs residencial Compound Amman
Jordan University Of Science And Technology Irbid
Al-Balqa Applied University - Berouni Building Zarqa
Armada Group Amman
Investor Hotel  Airport Road
Livestock laboratories Amman
Jarash Governmental Hospital Jarash
Rehab Electricity Generating Station Mafraq
Al Zowadeh Restaurant Fhais
Fuad Zatar Compound Al aqaba
Rufaida School Ramtha
Jordan Elevators Company Amman

Technical Specifications

Doors Technical Details:


The door leaf is made of two 1.25 mm thick galvanized steel sheets with vertical and horizontal steel reinforcements for optimal security structure.

The door leaf is filled with Rockwool or honeycomb for thermal and acoustic insulation.

The door leaf is 50 mm thick.

Various designs and finishes.

The door includes a telescopic bottom insert to enable easy adjustment during installation.


A -4way door lock system, with four 10 mm diameter front bolts and spring-loaded latch. One bottom hook reinforcement mechanism.

Upper and rear 13 mm bolts operated by the lock. Special rear hook fixed bolt - optional. Super Nimers High Security cylinders.

Improved cylinder protector preventing picking and drilling as well as forcing of the lock cylinder.


1.25mm galvanized steel stiffeners are used to give a stronger shape.


Rock wool is used to give high thermal and acoustic insulation.


Construction frame made of 1.5 mm thick galvanized steel. The frame is mounted directly on the wall with anchors and cemented to the building structure.

Cover frame made of 1.5 mm thick steel for installation on existing wood or metal frames, also available.


Powder coating.

Wood finish.

Various window styles.

Doors are available in single or double leaf configurations.

Super Nimer Company

Super Nimer Company was established in 2004 with a small capital and a huge sum of determination and wide ambitions. With one goal; to offer customers a high quality security door that meets the necessary standards and the taste of each single customer. Now and after a long journey of success and continuous development, production capacity doubled times and our employees grew to over 70 employees. We produce a wide range of security doors. A door which is not only strong and safe, but also comes in many decorative shapes and shades to satisfy all tastes.

By adopting the most up to date production systems and machinery along with the skilled and well trained workers, the company grew to become the leading Palestinian company in the field of producing and marking of all types of steel security and fire rated doors.

Our high quality products were admired and well rated by many official and governmental institutions and top engineering consulting firms who put our company in top priority as the main supplier for their building projects. Our branches and offices spread in many Palestinian cities through west bank and Gaza strip, serving customers all across the country. Our installation and maintenance teams provide a high range of after sales service, giving us the credibility and the trust of all our customers of which we are very proud.

Since the first beginning, our main target was to reach the highest international standards in the business. And in pursuit of that, we applies best quality control procedures to comply to the international requirements. We achieved our ISO9001 -2008, and our Palestinian standards certificate, and recently, we granted the Underwriters Laboratories UL certificate for our fire rated doors becoming the first and only Palestinian company to possess this certificate for the outstanding fire test results for 3 hours, carried out by the experienced UL engineers in their laboratories in the US. 

Backed by our hard working and devoted staff and capable management, our products take a large portion in the local market and have entered many export markets. Taking care of the smallest details in the production process, brings us closer to perfection, and gives us the opportunity to grow and for our story of success to continue.

Special Offer

10 Doors : 360 x 240 CM

Only 1500 NIS each.


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